Goyong is an artist from South Korea. He was born in 1994 and majored in three-dimensional sculpture. He thinks that the work that reflects the society of the time in art is good. He was greatly influenced by Andy Warhol's work, which depicts a society in which numerous products could be printed by factories and machines at the time of the Third Industrialization. He thinks that secondary industrialization is the conquest of space and tertiary industrialization is the conquest of time. And now thinks that the fourth industrialization is a conquest of the dimension. We call this the metaverse. From this point of view, he is currently expressing the fourth industrialization as his own art in the work. His work gives the impression that there is another dimension to the picture shown through animation and pixels.

In the water

There are times when too much information and thoughts make us too tired. Whenever that happens, I heal by looking at fish without thinking. I hope everyone who has seen this work will be healed like me for a while