FVCKRENDER has already made his mark on the digital scape, and it is a massive mark at that, bringing not just art, but community, utility, and ultimately entirely new worlds to the metaverse. A self-taught and native digital artist, has been innovating in the cyber world since long before it was his full time job. Originally from Montreal, he developed his artistic prowess from his own laptop, prioritizing his work every chance he could while working to support himself. Utilizing breaks and stolen moments before shifts, he taught himself to use the 3D art software that has since defined his career. Developing incredible dedication along with his skills, he began creating one piece of work every day–a tradition which continued for the next five years. His unique and futuristic style is both mechanical and eerily human, filled with raw emotion not often seen within machinery and tech. Currently based in Vancouver, BC, he continues to bolster his already impressive body of work, using the process of creating as a form of self therapy. Using his art to illuminate and thereby overcome past traumas, he infuses it with striking vulnerability, balancing that with a necessary element of fun. His work has been featured in esteemed auction houses such as Christies and Sothebys. The recent success of his FVCK_CRYSTAL project has generated over 36 million dollars in total revenue. Some notable clients include Ledger, Supreme, Hypebeast, The Hundreds, Swarovski, Dior, Avant Arte, Spotify, TIME, and many more.


Created this piece after a burnout. I was working about 80h a week always accepting work. and this burnout made me realize what was important and it was creating more art less client work. This piece for my recovery.​