Stefan Große Halbuer

Stefan Große Halbuer is a graphic designer and digital artist from Münster, Germany. In his around 10 years of freelancing, he worked for brands like Adidas, Adobe, KIA, Lufthansa or Sony Music, as well as for magazines, NGOs and startups. He is active in the NFT community since 2020, some of his current projects are "Curious Cabins" or "Cycle of the Shroom", a worldbuilding, story-focused cyberpunk art project. Stefan's art is known for a love for details and storytelling, and vibrant colors with lots of purple.


Since the day the orb came down to the city, it was told that it would bring peace and equality to the people. That it would be the boundless source of everything that was sought after. A source that demanded nothing in return. They called it: The Promise.