Kelly Dabbah

Blend contradictions. Change proportions. Shake conventions. Kelly Dabbah’s aesthetic is made of worlds that joyfully collide and clash to better give rise to new harmonies. Where nature meets the city, and sweet roses grow alongside illegal substances and tigers, the Swiss-born and New York based Visual Artist creates a new sense of graphic balance. Maximalist, sensual and resolutely overwhelming, her colorful and quirky collages of digital images and fine art have everything to do with her extrovert middle-eastern roots. Moreover, she proudly claims it: “I like kitsch.”

Daddy's issues

Shifting from daddy issues to daddy’s issues acknowledges that some limitations we carry with us do not belong to us and are not inescapably inheritable. It’s about the relationship between your heart and your mind, the carefully curated and constructed, imagined identity and the uninhibited soul, what someone is supposed to do versus what the heart wants. The mirror is also here to show fragments of your focus and your reflection, including every projection and recurring rejection, whether you like it or not.


Heaven or Hell