Stijn Stragier

Stijn Stragier is an architect and a fine art photographer. He lives and works in Kortrijk, Belgium. He makes series of pseudo-photographs. Subtle anomalies in the content sparkle the viewer to reconsider spontaneous assumptions about space and structure, about people and their environment. In his work, Stijn searches the thin line between reality and virtuality, using technology like a self-built full body 3Dscanner, photogrammetry and complex computer graphics. From real photographs of surreal scenes to realistic computer generated environments, each series makes the viewer wonder and doubt, scanning the images for answers.


One day, or night, the Moon decided to go for a walk on Earth. She shrank herself one million times and descended to a random place on Earth. To avoid any suspicion, the Moon kept the same relative speed and arc at which the human eye is used to seeing her travel in the sky, so she walked the distance of her own diameter every two and a half minutes.