Mrfiretruckman is a Nicaragua-born artist whose work brings to life the vibrant and detailed worlds of his imagination. He combines story-telling and whimsical visuals to portray a world far beyond our reality.

Hang The Dj

Hang the Dj by Mrfiretruckman is a take on the depiction of control through the lens of techno/Disco music and the rebellious nature that follows it. Hang the Dj depicts a detailed, chaotic scene that shows the different states of control the characters in the picture reside in. I wanted to portray a more cohesive painting with a bigger emphasis on storytelling, Hang The DJ was heavily inspired by Techno, punk, and Japanese city pop with a hint of brutalism to spark a narrative on the subject of control and how we all fall victims to a system one way or another.

Burned by Ambition: The Fall of Icarus

There is a bitter triumph in crashing when you should be soaring. As long as there is beauty to be explored and life to be lived, you must get back up and build better wings.