Guglielmo Gilardi

Guglielmo Gilardi is an Italian digital artist. He was born in 2002 in Novara and he approached the world of digital art around 2020, to then cultivate this passion through graphic design studies. Over the years he has always tried to express himself through art without ever making it public, until he approached digital art and in particular NFTs, so, as the need to express himself grew in him, he decided to immerse himself in this new way of making art to be able to share it with as many people as possible. In addition to expressing his pain or joy, Guglielmo uses the creation of works to implement a sort of criticism of the society that surrounds him, in which he has lived and still lives based on his personal experiences. For the creation of his works he uses different techniques, especially for the works that deal with his pain and the critical ones he tends to create concept art or 3D moderation, while he prefers illustrations to express the most joyful part of him. In recent years he has been completing his graphic design studies by acquiring the skills of computer graphic and 3D artist.

Drowned in Anguish

Feeling drowning in the dark night like the sea, overwhelmed by thoughts. Anxieties become increasingly disruptive within us, the fear of not making it increases, of not succeeding in one's goals, seeing them fade like air bubbles that emerge on the surface of the water, more and more distant from us. In those moments the light gets darker, the hope, the goal gets darker, farther and smaller. The desire and need to make it is overwhelmed by the darkness and fears that drag us into the abyss of the thoughts that distress us the most. As we fight with ourselves to rebel against fears, they get darker and darker. As we squirm to get out of it, to breathe again and go back up, we sink deeper and deeper and the help we're trying to give ourselves is making us suffocate faster. Maybe, instead of rebelling and avoiding pain, we should welcome it, face it and learn from it how to recover without drowning in the abyss of anguish and failure.