I am Paper. I am a designer by day, artist by night. My topics of interest include harmonizing art, fashion and technology. Through the mediation, negotiation and reconciliation of these elements - my main body of work titled [ze Luna] explores oscillating notions of intrigue and indulgence. The result always fascinates, and by materializing new-age sensibilities through my pieces - I attempt to unify the blacks and whites, past and present, art and science. Harmonization as a term remains subjective; since at times the results are that of tension or even orchestrated chaos. And as the elements and notions remain in constant flux, in the process I strive to produce art that is aesthetically-pleasing and provocative. Welcome to my world. Welcome to [ze Luna]


[ R E B I R T H ] is a synonym for a new start, a new beginning. It symbolizes an awakening. The piece seeks to - harmonize art, fashion & technology and through the process of introducing elements both new and familiar, past & present, to materialize new-age sensibilities. And through this process - create something new, provocative and aesthetically pleasing, as we usher in the new age of Web3 and NFT art around the globe. [ze Luna] has been an ongoing thematic body of work that started since late 2021, amidst the covid pandemic, and has been and is - an overarching collection brand in my art. This is the first piece to be publicly exhibited in a prominent physical location in a major city, and the first to be displayed as a short animation with BGM.