Elie Kupsc

Born in 1987, Elie Kupsc is an award winning Designer and Illustrator. Proud father of 2, he is living in Switzerland between Geneva and Basel. Heavily inspired by Swiss art and design culture. He is now working as an art director and illustrator for a Branding Agency in Geneva. He had the opportunity to win multiple prestigious recognitions such as the Red Dot Design Award, European Design Award and much more for his illustration and creative direction work. 

Fascinated by the absurdity of human existence in the infinity of space and time. His work aims to interpret and visualise the way we, as a humans, live, think and try to communicate this senselessness. 

Inspired by Art & Culture, influenced by Science & Philosophy, his technic is at a crossroad between hand drawn and vector black and white compositions swarming with details. As part of his Swiss Graphic Design culture, he’s deeply in love with Typography and believe each and every character is a piece of art. 

NFT Artist since 2021, his first collection, « Whalphabet » revolves about life changing event that is parenthood. How it shakes every pre established beliefs about life. Each of the 36 part of this collection is a message between his past and the future of his children that aims to create a link between them and the world trough the blockchain.

Ode to Parenthood

A testament to the power of love, the fragility of life, and the beauty of parenthood. It's not just a collection of letters and numbers but a creation that helped me overcome the dread of dying too soon as a parent. The letters of the alphabet are like musical notes on a piano, dancing to the rhythm of life, marking the flow of time. They move like chess pieces on a board, while the mournful song of a whale lingers in the air, a haunting melody to the the symphony of existence. Both the alphabet and the game of chess are complex systems with individual parts that work together to create something greater than the sum of their parts.