SOHI is a Seoul-based illustrator specializing in digital art and animation. Her artwork reinterprets daily spaces and experiences to paint an imaginary world. After spending her childhood in Aachen, she majored in animation at the Potsdam Film University and screened her short animation <CONNECT> at 18 different international film festivals including Stuttgart, Hiroshima, Chicago, Melbourne, Vyvorg, etc. As an artist, SOHI is actively participating in various projects and exhibitions in the field of digital art and motion graphics, and continues to create trendy works such as collaborating with various artists.

Garden #2

This is 'Garden #2', the second piece in the 'Garden' series. The concept of a garden has been present throughout human history and holds diverse symbolism. In this work, the garden represents two meanings: 'calmness' and 'pleasure'. In our modern, urbanized world, natural spaces are becoming increasingly valuable, and the garden serves as an artificial yet natural space that allows us to forget the stresses of daily life and find peace of mind. In this rapidly changing era, the artist seeks to provide a sanctuary for our weary minds through the beautiful garden depicted in 'Garden #2'.