Terrell Jones

Terrell Jones (b.1997) was born in Ann Arbor, Michigan. He began drawing around the age of four on the walls of his childhood home. Often being influenced by cartoons on television, manga books, and drawings his older brother would bring home. His illustrations are inspired by film, nostalgia, fashion, and introspection.

Mission Mojave

Mission Mojave is the eighth installment of the Evil In Colour Series. The Evil In Colour series tells stories of the Deville Crime Family and connected parties through art inspired by a blend of the Pop Art, Precisianism, & Realism movements. Mission Mojave is a look into what a solo mission looks like for Skelliot Deville. Skelliot is an enforcer for the family but he’s also a wildcard. Damon Deville, Skelliot’s cousin, makes sure to keep him in line when he can, but when he’s away there’s no telling how far he’ll go to protect the family.