YOU is a performance artist who, through his art, expresses his deepest imaginations and creates a realm that does not yet exist. He found his inspiration in the 1980s and opens windows to invisible horizons, tries to clear the most hidden taboos by traveling the world and giving voice to the last. His works are often a provocation for the viewer, a warning that speaks to the most hidden self, to that self at the center of our souls, urging it to action. The works Reborn and Start on show here are part of a larger project entitled The Contact. It represents YOU's artistic turning point, which here relates the physical to the digital. And it is precisely the point of contact between these two worlds that is the actual creative act. Everything lies in this precise moment, in this precise instant that translates into infinite creative moments. Destroy to transform, destroy to build, destroy to CREATE. Everything becomes a cathartic moment to express the infinite creative power of the artist and the artistic medium. With NFTs, the artist attempts to stop time, to imprison the creative act in a moment of eternity in order to transcend the limits of the impermanence of the physical world. The Contact encapsulates the rebirth of the creative moment, a new beginning, a new creative moment by building a continuum between physical and digital, between material and immaterial, between the human being and the entire universe. In the same way, the spectator finds himself within this emotional vortex, questioning himself about the nature of the work, its meaning and, ultimately, his own role as a transient being.

Beyond Digital 2

The artwork "Beyond Digital 2" was created by YOU for the digital exhibition of Art Innovation Gallery during ART Basel Hong Kong, 17-23 March 2023 The artwork features a screen being shattered by loud, high-speed tools to create an outstanding and mesmerizing pixel design. The artwork aims to free the machine from its digital form and bring the light of the screen out into the physical world. The piece utilizes the massive 70 by 20-meter screen to create an awe-inspiring and immersive display that blurs the lines between the physical and digital worlds. The shattered screen and pixelated design represent the breaking down of traditional barriers between the digital and physical realms. The use of loud and high-speed tools adds a sense of raw energy to the piece, emphasizing the power of technology and its ability to create something new and beautiful. The artwork by YOU for the digital exhibition at ART Basel Hong Kong of Art Innovation represents a bold and innovative approach to exploring the relationship between humans and technology. It challenges traditional notions of what art can be and invites viewers to step into a world where the digital and physical merge seamlessly.