Eileen is a digital artist that is based in Hong Kong. She always wants to dream big and achieve bigger. She enjoys expanding her interests and exploring as many things as she can. Her interest in water color paintings as a kid further grew a passion and unlocked the creative side within her. She began to sketch during her free time during her teenage years as a hobby. Recently, she began drawing digitally and soon after released her first NFT collection called Hi Babe. That was created to rekindle a lost memory within a person through spreading love. Eileen has been known to deliver powerful messages through her artwork and soon after she released her second collection called Dine With Eileen. That was to educate people from different sides of the world about different cultures through food. Her recent drop on Nailed it! is about self-care and empowering people to love themselves. She is also the artist and co-founder of the NFT project called Broke Back Journey, which is here to bring awareness on the importance of back health based on a real life experience. Eileen has so much love and passion for art in the NFT space while she juggles her time between her real time job. Furthermore, successes such as being a featured artist at NFTNYC warms her heart as she knows her artwork is inspiring people on a daily basis and that what matters to her.

The Circle of Life

Everyone may have a different pathway. However, when one life brings another and the cycle continues the journey never stops as we evolve.