Linnea Moritz

Linnea Moritz is an artist working in the century-long practice of cubism; an art style specialized in capturing the true essence and energy of an object, scene, or person, rather than focusing on the physical representation as we see it. Moritz’s process is iterative and calculative. Each triangle, circle and square is carefully composed into a harmonic composition, exploring depth, movement, and emotion. Her artwork invites the audience to stay a bit longer, and find a moment of peace amongst the lavender, ultramarine and viridian hues. Her paintings are portals to moments of rest, love, joy, melancholy, or hope - they often depict moments of everyday life, or memories that have not happened yet.


This is a cubist piece by Linnea Moritz. It consists of individual oil paintings on canvas. The message of this Sunflower piece is one of hope and encouragement, reminding us to keep moving forward and seeking out the light even in the darkest of times.