Arnaud Valette

Arnaud Valette is a French concept artist and holds a Director Master degree from the French School Supinfocom. He spent the last 17th years working for the Film industry and Game industry, helping VFX companies, Directors and Production Designers visualize their ideas. These various experiences help him craft and shape is own world through illustrations, paintings and short films. As a step up, he recently opened a studio named 'Red Mescaline Studio' where he gathered a creative world living under the influence of the Japanese Culture. His work is usually a mix of 3D and 2D technics.


GEISHA is the third and last artwork of a 3 act Collection, named 'Ochimusha: The Fallen Warrior'. Where the two others were depicting strength, courage, battle field, defeat, this new one is about Beauty and Calm. These last two words are brought in the painting by the carp koi that swims through painting drips, and by the Geisha herself, the main character.