I am Bink Walstra, but most people know me by "Bonkstraa". I am a 20-year-old digital artist from the Netherlands. 4 years ago, I started creating digital art within Blender. I started following tutorials, posting my work on social media and most importantly: developing my style and creating a workflow that suits me as an artist. My style turned out into a mix of humanoid figures and procedural effects. The humanoid form acts as a base for all my artwork. This humanoid base is important because it helps the viewer feel a connection with the artwork, because the characters are build upon a shape they are familiar with. Not only that, but creating characters in my style, with this base, helps me explain and understand certain abstract phenomena better, such as emotions. Creating art helps me clear my thoughts and lets me pour those thoughts into a humanoid figure. This is what my art comes from. In the past, I have experimented with a lot of other workflows and styles, but this is the one that really stuck with me. Making people feel something when looking at my art, and creating characters with meaning, is what it is all about for me. I'm still learning, growing, and improving my art. It has been a wild ride so far, but I think the best is yet to come. I can’t wait! Stick around and don't hesitate to reach out.

Embodiments 0f Me

Everyone should interpret my art, in their own way. But for me, these artworks resemble the journey I took as an artist. I find it difficult to describe my journey, so I use my characters to do this for me. The first character "Curiosity" shows the beginning of my journey. This is the period where I searched for my style and constantly tried out different workflows. This led to my art being rough and incoherent. "Alteration", the second character, depicts the time when I changed my focus and refined my art. I found my style and a workflow that suits me as an artist. I build the groundwork for my art as it is today. The third and final character, "Imperfect" represents where I'm at now. Trying to be content with my limitations and teaching myself that my work doesn’t have to be perfect, and on the level I want it to be right now. There is always time and room for growth, even if it seems like you’re stuck or limited. I hope you can find your own meaning in my art. Let's see where the future leads us and what more characters can be brought to life.