Laura El

Laura El is a digital illustrator based in New York City. She has had a love for art since she was a young girl, when she would draw worlds through which she could escape reality. Laura was adopted as a teenager and moved from her country of birth, Lithuania, to Ireland. Not speaking a word of English, she struggled early on in Irish schools but was able to express herself through art. Laura developed a relationship with her art teacher who pushed her to improve her skills and follow her passion. Laura eventually was accepted into the best art college in Dublin, but ended up moving to NYC that same year and was unable to attend. This however didn't stop Laura from pursuing art as her career. Several years later in 2019, Laura launched her own business as a commission artist and printmaker and hasn't looked back since. Her work has been featured in publications like Forbes, Marie Claire, Martha Stewart and Cosmopolitan. In February 2022 she dropped her first 1/1 NFT series on Solana, quickly becoming one of the blockchain's top grossing artists. In January 2023, she made her Ethereum debut on SuperRare, where her first piece was collected by Cozomo de' Medici. In March of 2023, one of her artworks will be part of Sotheby’s Contemporary Discoveries Sale in NYC.

Big City Dreams

We've all had those lofty dreams. Sometimes, all you need to do is to take a leap of faith. It helps to have a good friend by your side.