Yar Kirsanov (aka Yarrrrrr) is a Visual artist, Illustrator, and Digital artist, specializing in mixed media, collage, and digital art based out of Saratov, Russia. With a background in graphic and communication design, Yar started as a contemporary artist in 2018. Since that time, Yar participated in numerous international and local exhibitions, biennales and art fairs. Yar also collaborated with several brands such as Puma, Uber and Henkel. Yar addresses the topic of digital, post-human corporeality, as well as the search for identity in the changing world of the future. He is a member of the All-Russian community of collage artists “Russian Collage”, and the author of an educational course on digital collage.

The Beetle Queen

This artwork is about the triumph of the Feminine, Natural, Magical and Sexual. The ambivalence of the feminine Nature is represented by the image of the Beetle Queen. The insect kingdom is the symbol of the Hidden, Surreal and Incomprehensible. What is it: overcoming the Anthropocene or its development - the answer is in the eyes of the viewer