Anas Abdin

Anas Abdin is an NFT pixel artist and a data science specialist. Anas is specialized in limited palettes and low resolution. His art is inspired by nature, life events and emotions. His pixel art work have been used in several projects including celebrities from the music industry, galleries and exhibitions. His passion is 1/1 NFTs that inspire people and send a message through the animated pixels.

I miss you

"I miss you" is one of the closest artworks to me. It was one of my first drawings introducing me to the world. When I first published it, it instantly gained international recognition and I was contacted by many organizations and exhibitions. For me the most important recognition was how it touched many individuals. I received thousands of messages from people who felt connected with the artwork striking chords within their hearts. I minted this drawing early during my beginning in the NFT space. This artwork was made during the final stage of my father's Parkinson's battle. Feeling lost, unable to do anything, I was just sitting next to him helpless, looking for a faint sign of consciousness in his eyes. My father's body lost the battle, but his soul remains with me.