Trippy Screen

Full spectrum in many dimensions. Self-taught motion artist. Musician, painter, and former game designer. I was anxious, depressed, traumatized, socially withdrawn, and didn't talk. I was also tripping, dancing, meditating, playing games, and living on a tropical island without shoes... I think my spine nerves are pressed by muscles and some medical bubbles inside my brain do the rest. The effect: oversensitive response to the world, and full spectrum visions when awake. The death of someone important in the early stages of life makes you feel guilty and disconnected. Instead of being part of society, I rather stay on the side and observe. This allows me to focus on other ways of communication. We are interconnected, our energies co-exist and interact with each other. Beyond senses. The art forms allow me to communicate and connect with people. Otherwise, it would be difficult. Life without real expression is a lie. I studied Biology and Landscape Architecture but I didn't like the constraints, so I dropped both. I was designing games and managed a contract from the top mobile games publisher, but I didn't like it and quit: "You are super talented, but can we make it simpler and put more ads?". Before NFT and the pandemic, I was about to make graphics for top Londonese agencies but ended up in front of them: "We love your work but we don't know how to sell it, maybe Tate Modern?".

Melting on the other side of the screen

First official NFT minted by the artist. To stretch and deepen your perception. The static 3D shape is melting without traces while coming onto the screen from its depths. Therefore the face it has on the screen is appearing to morph, but what we are really experiencing are next frames consisting of a new shape represented by each coming frame. The screen is electrifying so the following colors are glowing on touch. You can either focus on the shape coming from the depths, sequenced colors, the pulse of the light along with the music, follow one reshaping spot, or trying to experience all the moves as a whole. It is part of a whole new collection of NFTs consisting of morphing, trippy tunnels. The longer you look the more you see. The NFT version is a much longer piece allowing you to experience things continuously. Next pieces will be even more continuous and perfectly looped without need to experience beginning and end.