Daniel Fišer

Daniel Fišer's artworks explore the idea of an abstract skyscape/cloudscape/landscape as a spatial experience conceived and perceived without any reference of scale or direction. His body of work seeks to offer a "direct" perception of space, without involving analytical or rational thought processes. Combining traditional hand-drawing techniques with cutting-edge digital rendering tools, the resulting pieces are large scale UV ink reliefs and lightboxes, and digital high-resolution animated loops. Daniel was born in Prague, former Czechoslovakia. He lives in London.

Cloud Cave #6

Created for the Sound of Pixels exhibition taking place during Art Basel Hong Kong 2023 and screened on a 70M long LED display in the heart of the city, "Cloud Cave #6" animated loop is a study of an abstracted cloud: both as the dynamic weather phenomenon observed from within its body, as well as the datacloud space, ever-changing and without boundaries. In fluid dialog with its high-density urban environment setting, the artwork engages with the public in a dynamic manner, reflecting the constant flux of urban life.