nebvla is a Digital Art Collective born in 2023 based in Milan. The poetics of the collective questions the constructive and self-destructive peculiarities reflecting contemporary western society. The starting point of the research refers to myth, seen as a founding element of cultural evolution and a means of creating a shared conscience through narration. We make those values our own in order to rework them in a current vision, bringing attention back to the very concept of value, which is all too often undermined by processes of commodification, where significance occupies a subordinate role to the image that represents it. The utopian horizon of nebvla is a critical gaze, which is activated with curiosity, constancy and depth to cross the rampant nebulous fog of visual inputs created compulsively by flows of information and images: a stimulus to recognise and consciously reconstruct the filter between reality and its representation that has crumbled over time until disappearing. We dialogue with those archetypes that are too often replaced by vacuous passing images, to bring them back under human eyes, analysing the ways in which some elements are lost over time while others remain, evolving or clinging to themselves. We allow ourselves to be transported in a creative process that experiments, assimilates, interprets and overcomes external inputs and the barriers they bring, as if to stop the moment to rediscover the uniqueness of the present, analysing the past and projecting into the future.

Claiming Victory

"Claiming Victory" is part of our series entitled "Ephemera", developed around the concept of transience and the feeling of temporal impermanence that characterise the contemporary age. The artwork addresses those who feel their wings have been clipped. Despite the fact that the world imposes efficiency, organisation and the achievement of goals that are not our own, we cannot forget that we are not made to follow rhythms that are imposed on us from the outside. We can choose what we fly towards, without allowing circumstances to constrict our wings and prevent us from flying. Our time is our victory and our destiny is what we claim, along with the chance to choose not only our goals, but also the way and time to achieve them.

Flowing Love

‘Flowing Love’ refers to the concept of eternal love compared to the contemporary 'liquid love' theorised by sociologist and philosopher Zygmunt Bauman, a mirror of the so-called 'liquid society', characterised by uncertainty, frenzy, narcissism and inconsistency. The archetypal love of antiquity that bound Amor and Psyche, for which one was willing to fight and face arduous trials, is today replaced by a more tenuous and evanescent type of commitment, no longer circumscribed by superior superstructures such as religion and tradition, but based on the personalities of individuals with their fragilities: subjects unprepared to recognise themselves as the starting point of their lives, yet called upon to do so without choice. Liquid love fears change and at the same time does not contemplate eternity, keeping one suspended in a bubble of eternal falling in love, in which any evolution towards stability is experienced as a possible threat. The ambrosia drunk by Psyche, which allows her at the end of the tale to finally become Goddess and crown her dream of eternal love, here takes on the opposite meaning: a liquid of love that never crystallises and remains in its state as a constantly moving fluid.