Jessica Ticchio

Inspired by minimalism, surrealism and ubiquitous sculptural forms, Jessica Ticchio reimagines the world through a contemporary art lens. Building a vision of boundless dreamscapes and gravity-defying sculptures, her work aims to evoke peace and calm, whilst bending the concept of reality as we know it. Through 3D and VR sculpting, Jessica's work exists in the space between the digital and physical, playing with the line between the real and surreal. She explores how the two realms can exist in harmony, creating a fantasy world somewhat grounded in reality. These explorations also transcend into a variety of mediums, her works coming to life through not only digital and print, but also in the design of objects and experiential spaces.

Future Of The Past

I created this piece for a premiere display on one of the largest screens in the entire world - the seventy-metre-wide digital billboard in Hong Kong. The scale of this digital installation felt somewhat unfathomable — felt more like a sci-fi figment of the imagination. I began thinking about the idea of a “Future Of The Past”… that we are now, quite currently, living in a future we used to only ever imagine. I know this revelation isn’t unique, but the inspiration led me to explore this envisioning of the future… from the past. Experimenting with the clash of old and new, I sculpted the hero formation in virtual reality while channeling the finish of retro sparkles and a neon 80s glow; the inherent duality of futures past embodied not just in subject but in process. Although darker than my signature nature-based utopian dreamscapes, there is a softness to the vision; unlikely curves and organic fluidity within the sculpted stack of metal. With fleeting moments of vibrant glowing colour reminiscent of the luminous Hong Kong skyline, my sculpture exists in an unknown realm between the warmth of human touch and the endless vastness of a digital city. If this was the future of the past, where are we heading next?