Angela Nikolau

Angela Nikolau is a female rooftopper and influencer who comes from a circus family. She gained recognition due to her unusual photographs taken on the roofs of the skyscrapers around the world. In August of 2022, Nikolau launched her first NFT collection called «Freedom in the Sky» consisting of 50 NFTs. She publishes her extreme photographs as NFTs. Her NFTs became quite popular and were purchased by big NFT art collectors, as well as shown at prominent NFT exhibitions such as Art Basel Miami 2022 and NFT NYC 2023. Her work has also been published in the «NFT Yearbook» - a book compiling best artists of the NFT space in 2022.
 Angela has been featured in such magazines and newspapers as The Times, The Guardian, GQ, Harper’s Bazaar, Cosmopolitan, Elle, 9GAG, Red Bull, The Straits Times etc. She worked as a model for Cartier, Kenzo, Adidas, Calvin Klein, Samsung, Pandora, Jo Malone and Formula I. Currently Angela is traveling the world creating new NFTs for her genesis collection on SuperRare.


The ultimate goal and reason why we live and breathe. To love and to be loved. The art shows this endless process of chasing and sending love - over and over again. Sending peace and love to everyone Shot in Bangkok, Thailand