Ted Chin is a digital artist and photographer from Taiwan now based in San Francisco, USA. He is most well known for his Photoshop composite art. Ted's work can be described as a fantasy world with a touch of surrealism, sometimes with spirits of nature. Ted has been working within digital production for the last 8 years, producing work for countless clients across the globe. His most recent accomplishment is the Adobe Photoshop 2021 splash screen cover artist. There are things in the world that inspire childlike wonder and awe, and it is Ted's passion to recreate and share them with the world.

Sweet dream

Storytelling has always been something that inspired me when I was growing up. When I was in grad school, due to lack of time and money, I was not able to travel as much as I wanted to. I've always dreamed about visiting different places, to see and experience new things, and to tell stories. So I started to dream about it. I find it easier to tell my stories with images rather than words. By using my imagination and photography/photoshop skills, it becomes my passion to recreate and share my surreal fantasy with the world. I place it into a lifetime project - “Teds Little Dream”