Nako Baev

Nako Baev is an award-winning 3D artist specializing in lighting and look development for Real-Time rendering and forward thinking design visualization. Based in Plovdiv, Bulgaria he pioneered the use of 3D to create films, animations, video games, art and many more thrilling projects. His current exhibition focuses more on modern, minimal and restraint outlook giving the goal of this type of exhibition to showcase a number of pieces in a way that allows viewers to fully appreciate their beauty and simplicity.

The Homecoming Exhibition

My latest project is a high-fidelity immersive gallery experience that places you into a fully interactive 3D world of modern art, sculptures, and culture as you explore the minimalist environment inspired by Hiroshi Senju's Museum. Minimal yet modern & elegant, I strived to create an open, luminous space where people would observe my works, relax and spend time in contemplation. I took on the creative challenge to design something where people could get inspired and driven towards their dreams and desires. My mandate was to explore how far I could push the quality of a real-time 3D museum for digital art. Listening to our lovely ambient soundtrack created by Evolsound which perfectly fits the gentle and calming sounds of nature around it. If you closely pay attention to the details you could find yourself an easter egg. Making it one unique experience you'll never forget.