Y Griega

Y Griega is a Mexican native digital artist and crypto artist who explores a variety of experimental techniques in their work. With a background in engineering, design, and music production, Y Griega uses a mixture of glitch art, artificial intelligence, code, and other experimental techniques to create works that challenge the boundaries of artistic expression in the current era. With a strong interest in digital psychedelia and the bold use of colors, Y Griega produces works that explore various formats and themes, from gifs and pngs to emerging technologies that are transforming tech culture.


The "non-sense" obsession with digital collecting. Created with some inspiration from ancient engravings reinterpreted through the lens of Artificial Intelligence. Showcasing the power of technology to reshape traditional art forms. Reflect on the nature of digital ownership and our ever-evolving relationship with technology and the crypto-art as a cult. Psycheadelic lisergic engraving that will be forever glitching in the blockchain.