Daria Elshiner

Daria Elshiner started her art journey on the other side of the fence, so to say, running and managing public relations campaigns for artists and cultural industries, working with institutions like Venice Biennale of Contemporary Art, Cannes Film Festival, Saatchi & Saatchi Worldwide and many others. However, with time her artistic nature took over and she decided to devote her life to creating art. Mostly self taught and self educated in the traditional school of art she works both in traditional disciplines (works on paper, oil on canvas, etc), as well as digital art. Her work deals with exploration of the expressive nature of human beings, it’s emotional dynamics portrayed through the use of the body, discovering and creating symbiosis of soul and body. She uses body as a means of transmitting and expressing emotions; by adding intricate symbolic elements to her work she too delicately touches upon personal and even social issues. “I believe that human body is a beautiful, elegant tool of expression for our emotions and thoughts. When you learn too see beyond its sexual nature, when you approach with maturity and thoughtfulness, when you actually study its complex mechanism and finally master to use it as a portal of conveying deeper messages of human consciousness, your feelings and ideas about the world around you - you find an incredible amount of freedom that you never knew existed and nobody can take away from you.”

Eve & Lilith: Divergence

The stories of Eve and Lilith are among the most iconic and enduring myths of human civilisation. Both figures are associated with the origins of humanity, but their divergent paths illustrate the complex relationships between gender, power and morality. They remind us of the struggle to resist temptation and find our way back to a state of purity and innocence.