Chiara Moreni

Chiara Moreni is an Italian digital artist based in London. She started her artistic journey with a BA in Cinema and New Media Studies (DAMS - Rome, Italy) followed by an MA in Character Animation (UAL Central St Martins - London, UK) and she quickly entered in the animation industry in 2017 right after graduating. Since then she has been working as a freelance 2D animator mainly on tv shows and in April 2021 she began promoting her personal art in the NFT space too. Chiara’s artworks focus on the female figure with dynamic painterly strokes and vibrant colours and they are deeply connected with her emotions, dreams and thoughts. Chiara exhibited her work in several curated galleries such as Mondoir’s Adelia Art Gallery, NFT UK, Mecenate Fine Art Gallery, WEB3 London, Arcade Apes London and NFT NYC 2023.


Digital illustration 4344x1784px Artwork realized for Art Innovation's exhibition which will be held in New York during Frieze from 15 - 21 May 2023. This piece will be showcased on a very important and large screen in Times Square.