kevin starnino aka ebo·kubik

Explorer and Experimenter. Jumping from animation to writing, from photography to digital painting. At times, mixing altogether. There's not a sole and preferred medium, as it all depends what fits better the idea in my mind. With a background in Robotics and Film&TV, I developed both creative and methodical skills. This duality, together with the concept of perspective, is a recurrent theme into all my art pieces, always aiming to spark a feeling of curiosity to my audience, showing that there’s often something behind what we see at first.

Parallel Universe

Parallel Universe was born when I found myself in Venice, at dawn, after travelling for over 24 all around Italy. Just outside of the train station a peaceful view was waiting for me and in that moment I thought: “This is the reality I know. I’m going to find out what’s beyond” Deep inside of a parallel universe It's getting harder and harder to tell what came first I'm underwater where thoughts can breathe easily Far away you were made in a sea, just like me