Bongdoe is a Retro glitch computer-generated imagery Artist or 3D Artist that focusing on creating his own world called Archivem The main theme is the adaptation of old painting, historical statue, real-life problems, web3 culture, video games, movies, et cetera, the idea is to unbound the limits of creativity throught 3D worlds and create something different and complexity. Skull on Archive world is represented as a symbol of obsolete souls, it was referenced as a Realm of the Dead also known as Helheim from Norse Mythology which is a gloomy place for mankind after the dead.

A tale of high seas and hidden riches

Pirate crew had been tracking the legendary kraken that terrorized the waters around the catacomb glitch island for years. As they battled the beast using advanced technology, they noticed the island malfunctioning with holographic illusions flickering in and out of existence. They soon realized that the island was a massive glitch in the system, hiding an even greater treasure than they had ever imagined. The crew fought harder than ever before against the kraken and the island's malfunctioning defenses, emerging victorious with both the kraken's treasure and the knowledge that they had uncovered a hidden secret of the seas.