Saul Zanolari

Saul Zanolari was born on September 18th 1977 in Mendrisio – Switzerland. Since he was a child he has been intrigued by art and its forms of expression, above all painting. He’s always been convinced that everything can be said and denied. What really makes the difference is the way to present something, its aesthetic aspect. However, he’s always been more attracted by the content than by the surface of things. That’s why he’s never attended a school of art but he graduated in Philosophy in 2004, specifically in History of Classic Rhetoric. He switched his interest from traditional painting to digital painting in 2005. In the same year he started to exhibit his works in galleries all around the world. Saul Zanolari reinvents common people, celebrities and pop icons to investigate the growth of human being. One of his latest project is a digital fresco about the Sistine Chapel – an accurate reproduction of Michelangelo’s painting but without religious and censorious aspects towards nudity, where Adam and Eve show their animal nature.

Fashion Icons’ serie

Fashion Icons’ serie follows directly the Divas series (Sophia Loren, Audrey Hepburn, Queen Elizabeth II, etc…). It has been painted partially in Beijing (China) and partially in Switzerland between 2010 and 2012. Fashion Icons series involves 12 portraits of: Marc Jacobs Valentino Garavani Karl Lagerfeld John Galliano Anna Wintour Diane Pernet Lady Gaga Cindy Crawford Linda Evangelista Naomi Campbell Claudia Schiffer Kate Moss Anna Wintour, 1949. Fashion journalist and editor. Inspiring the movie The Devil wears Prada painted as she is working in a Mc Donald’s Drive-Through. Paris-based fashion blogger Diane Pernet, depicted with a spider-shaped wig and bound hands in a dreamy, purple and soft context. Naomi Campbell with green hair and dyed blond moustaches. 90’s supermodels are depicted with manly features like beard, mustaches, goatee etc. This is the case of Cindy Crawford wearing goatee and Mickey Mouse hairdo. Claudia Schiffer is painted wearing Adolf Hitler moustaches.