Hey! Here is my little story. I live in Barcelona, a very sensual city full of hot men, women, and non-binaries. Which I appreciate a lot since I mostly work on portraits. Before coming to Spain, I studied architecture and art in St. Petersburg. We had classes in a very old building, and the professors were incredibly old as well. I remember them saying quite often that there is a space between 3D and 2D, and that it's tiny but very powerful. I found it curious and tried to experiment with that idea. Some years earlier, I lived in a village in Mari El Republic. There weren't many things to do, so I mainly spent evenings drawing and painting. Which made my mom concerned that my hobby would turn into a profession. However, she kept supplying me with paints and paper. And I am very grateful for that.

Good Evening

You come home after the office. Thoughtless and single. Put earphones in and start moving. You can't follow Arca's rhythms.