Viktoria Dall

Originally working as a model, Viktoria eventually decided to showcase her talent behind the camera as well by creating imaginative and surrealistic photos all on her own. With themes often focusing on environmental issues and internet addiction, she calls attention to the human experience in her own signature style. Unique and ideas have attracted collaborations with Adobe, Pacorabanne, Asus, Reebock and other world-renowned brands. Since releasing her own work, she has garnered the attention of a hundreds of thousands of fans around the globe. Artistic academic education. Professional education in the field of graphic design. Higher education in information design and game development (Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University 2020) Greenpeace award for supporting the environmental movement in Russia in 2019 Participant of the exhibition New Reverance (Moscow, Russia2020) Participant Venice Biennale of the exhibition The Decentral Art Pavilion (Palazzo Giustinian Lolin, Venezia IT)

My message

My Message in the Bottle Bali 01.2023 self-portrait. The work was done without the use of Photoshop and computer graphics. The bottle is made of plastic and is recyclable.