Cosmic Bagels

My name is Idongesit Obok, I am a Dakar based, Nigerian, multidisciplinary artist. I create art and expressions under the name Cosmic Bagels. As an artist, I embrace a multidisciplinary approach to my practice, utilizing a variety of mediums including; photography, digital illustration, sound exploration, and film. My work explores themes of identity, belonging, and community. During a recent art residency, I produced a photography collection that highlights the idea of being on the outside. This concept serves as a double entendre, addressing homelessness not just in the literal sense of not having a house to live in, but also in the broader sense of not having a community to belong to and subsequently going through the journey of becoming more for oneself. This body of work serves as a powerful commentary on the contemporary human condition, inviting viewers to consider their own experiences of belonging and what it means to call somewhere "home."

Undivided Attention To Chaos

As I journey towards my goal, I am met with the cacophony of chaos. The noise and distractions of life seem to be never-ending, a persistent hum that threatens to drown out my purpose. But instead of turning away, I choose to lean in, to give my undivided attention to the chaos. For I know that it is through the setbacks and challenges that I will find the ingredients to thicken the plot of my story. I am no longer afraid of the chaos, for I have come to see it as a teacher. It shows me where I need to grow, where I need to strengthen my resolve, and where I need to dig deeper within myself to find the resilience to carry on. Every obstacle I face is a chance to reimagine it as an opportunity, a chance to rewrite the story of my life in a way that will lead me to the blissful end that awaits me on the other side of the window. So I choose to embrace the chaos, to give it my undivided attention. For I know that it is only through facing it head-on that I will find the courage and the strength to keep moving forward, to keep pushing towards my intended goal. And as I journey on, I am reminded that the chaos is not my enemy, but my ally. It is the wind in my sails, propelling me forward towards my destiny. And with each passing day, I am grateful for the lessons it teaches me, and for the person it is helping me to become.