Krista Kim

Founder of the Techism Movement and creator of the Mars House Light is the new ink. Krista Kim is a digital artist, entrepreneur and founder of Techism (2014), whose work explores the concept of digital consciousness. Her interest in digital technology and its revolutionary effects on human perception, media, social structures, and communication had led her to work in both digital and physical realms. Having developed her signature language of shifting gradients using digital software since 2012, her works on glass and plexi hypnotize its viewers into a trance of tranquility while her immersive video works provide meditative experiences of color and light. In 2020, Kim continued to explore the creative potential to utilize screens as digital instruments of well-being by creating 'Mars House': a completely virtual environment using her digital zen philosophy as the first “Metaverse home” for sale as an NFT in history. The piece received global acclaim and in March 2021 was the highest-grossing sale on an NFT on SuperRare.

N.700 Collection

Algorithmic painting in 4K resolution intended for large screen display. Digital Zen. I feel that our society needs an antidote to the relentless disruption to the relentless distraction that social media is causing. We are bombarded with thousands of messages every day on our screens, and most of the time these messages are used to exploit us or to manipulate us. I wanted to use the light of our screens to create a sublime experience. When I lived in Tokyo I would walk in the middle of the city where there is constant activity and congestion in the streets, I would end up on a side street and I would discover a hidden Zen garden and this garden was a vacuum of positive energy. The intention was to create a meditative space, a space of stillness and contemplation. Just outside of the garden limits was a bustling city. I would marvel at this phenomenon of the intention to create a space that is meant for mindfulness and I wanted to create that same experience digitally as a digital Zen garden.