Damiano Fasso

Damiano Fasso was born near Vicenza,Italy, in 1976. He has a degree in Literature from the Catholic University of Brescia and a second degree in Decoration from the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice; he currently lives in Treviso (Italy). Damiano Fasso is internationally recognized for his use of different artistic media, which he explores through a very peculiar new-pop style, making an ironic reference to the main issues that characterize our society: consumerism, pollution, corruption, wars and so on. Within his digital artworks, inspired by the aesthetics of video games, he transposes traditional pictorial tools into a virtual dimension, mixing digital paint with the use of A.I., animation and sound. He has participated in important national and foreign awards and events, including: the participation in the event “The 4- dimensional NFT” in London and the exhibition “Carpe Diem” in Times Square (NY, 2023). a special mention at the exhibition "Lovebombing. Gaslighting" from the VideoInsight Foundation in Turin and the inclusion of his artwork in the permanent collection (2022). the participation in Volta Art Fair in Basel and in the Fair Roma Arte in Nuvola (2022). the personal exhibition "Inori" held at the Museum of Oriental Art in Venice (2021) a special award at Paratissima Art Fair in Milan and Turin (2018, 2019) and the participation in C.A.R. Contemporary Art Ruhr in Essen (Germany, 2018).

Love the Earth

This digital work explores the possibility of mixing traditional pictorial media with virtual technology, to playfully address themes such as pollution and the destruction of the environment; his NFT has the appearance of a video game or a commercial advertisement, with blinking texts repeating slogans and warning messages, while soundtrack resembles the retro-style videogames of the '80s.