Antonio Imperato was born in 1993 in the province of Naples and it was during his engineering studies that he began to approach the world of design in all its forms. Over time, his path of discovery takes him ever closer to fashion and the need to express himself freely and without constraints grows in him. Thus was born the Antonio Imperato brand.
Antonio Imperato expresses the fusion of the various forms of design and his vision of high fashion, always evolving. His great passion for everything related to the world of design and art was born during his childhood, thanks to his family, already employed in various sectors of design, which in addition to always leaving him free to express himself, also helped him to cultivate the dream of becoming a designer.

I see you

"I see you" is a masterpiece of art that represents a spaceship landed on Earth in search of similar souls for the community of Antonio Imperato. Here we celebrate the love of art, science, fashion, architecture and all that is beautiful. At the center of the work stands a unique dress from the collection "First". The work was created with great attention to detail and compositional balance, creating an atmosphere of mystery and wonder. It was developed using the 3D system, giving the impression that objects literally come out of the screen.