Jesu Moratiel

Jesu Moratiel has been manipulating technology and science offerings since he was a teenager and, since then, has been carrying this inclination into his creative practice. After a difficult childhood, Moratiel dropped out of medical school to study Fine Art and started doing digital experiments very early in his life, in which trial and error process, has been the beating heart of his practice. Moratiel’s operates at the intersection of physical and digital techniques; creating a dialogue between 3D animation, interactive-art, sculpture, and installations. Recently, Moratiel has been started to produce a videogame and interactive works in app format. Always at the center of the most avant-garde conversations, Moratiel is also working with robotics and 3D printing. Also critical of some of technology’s limits, Moratiel also explores the impact of them on our personal and social lives. Regardless of the form of the project, his work aims at creating visual experiences that trigger some sort of bodily or emotional reaction in the viewer, sometimes drifting into the uncomfortable or the troublesome. Always looking ahead, tottering between fact and fiction but exemplifying his deep understanding of socio-politics, he consider himself a consequence of the double standards of the age of social networks. His pieces are provocations that serve as prompts to spark a discussion. With both playfulness and gravity, Moratiel examines subjects on the spectrum of genre, love, sexuality, spirituality, and societal issues. Taous Dahmani, curator

Dance of insects

Two bodies spinning in an infinite dance appear with a new skin: The urban map of Seoul as seen through the Google Maps interface. At the same time, a bunch of satellites revolve like insects around them, observing. Are we a map? are we a territory?

Beyond the DNA

Is the nature of our reality digital? Test with textures of scripts. C#.