Peter Buban

Dark artist Peter Buban is based in Slovakia. Works in creative business for more than 15 years as a graphic designer specialised in branding & identity. Few years ago also started to create very specific art. Focusing on dark art influenced by extreme metal music, occultism, religions & other "dark" stuff. All works are original & unique created without A.I. Only manipulations & digital painting using Wacom tablet & Adobe softwares. There's nothing more to say shortly, better check the whole portfolio on official web and socials.

Trinita Profanvs

“Trinita Profanvs” ©️ (Unholy Trinity) is pure #satanic & original piece of #darkart by #artist Peter Buban. Inspired by #blackmetal music & mood - 100% digital painting one of a kind & one piece only. #Skulls, inverted cross, thorn barbed wire - everything that makes darkart so dark & #blasphemous. Created in atmospheric old fashioned color palette & detailed texture structure with "handmade feeling" of final touch. In this #occult #artwork you can also find a uniquely "in painting" incorporated logo of author (PB) as a confirmation of authenticity of #original. Become a proud & unique owner of this #darkwork piece.