From hip-hop dance floors to the vibrant realm of digital art, Movsum (b.1998) iis an artist whose life orbits around lines, movement, and geometric forms. Drawing early inspiration from his natural surroundings and the captivating geometry of Wassily Kandinsky, their artistry seamlessly brings to life a hidden realm of movement and geometry through dynamic visuals in the digital world. Deep dives into tools like Adobe Illustrator and Procreate, guided by inspirations like J Dilla's musical genius, sneaker culture, and architecture, have forged Movsum’s artistic expression into a unique, harmonious fusion of seemingly contradictory colors and shapes. Now further venturing into the emerging fine art realm of Web3, every piece they create is not just art but a chapter of their story, a heartbeat, and an echoing legacy. Watch this space as Movsum unveils the "contradiction of balance" through their distinctive lens.

Sound of the universe