Yongwoon Shin

Yongwoon Shin is a CGI photographer and visual artist based in South Korea. He majored in magic studies and is also a professional magician, and based on his years of magical knowledge, he incorporates academically established magic mechanisms and phenomena into his digital works, creating magical works that can only be imagined. In particular, he utilizes the deep black hole as a magical tool in the consumption patterns of trivialized objects around us (time, stereotypes, people, difference, etc.). Through the black hole, which is repeatedly referenced in each of his works, he aims to replace the impossible with the possible in the field of imagination. In other words, the photographic images in reality are connected to each other, but at the same time they are at odds with the black hole in the image, and reality creates an impossible world of possibilities through art. His series of works, 'FICTION : The Hole', is inspired by the American illustrator Peter Newell (1862~1924). Through the themes of 'hole' and 'fiction', he is immersed in experimental media arts such as photography, video, and performance beyond digital art. He has been working as an NFT artist since 2023, and his work is available through the Foundation. West Gimhae Culture Center Exhibition 2023, Yunseul Museum of Art Exhibition 2023, Shin-A Art Center Exhibition 2023.

Breaking stereotypes

Breaking stereotypes is about Bulb man's journey to a fun imaginary world beyond the hot light bulb. The stereotypes and inertia of thought that impossible experiences can create in us, and Bulb man's journey reminds us that the impossible can be replaced by the possible.