Art Innovation Gallery

Art Innovation promotes the culture of Digital Art on Maxi LED-Walls worldwide. By exhibiting digital artists in major cities, Art innovation aims to expand the culture of the most appealing 1:1 Art Works, Generative Art and Creative Coding, bridging the gap between art and technology and expanding the community.

The technology

Blockchains are the inevitable future, bringing trust and transparency to every user. It solves many problems, beginning with authentication and benefiting traceability, operations transparency, history provenience and resale rights. All aspects that perfectly applied in favor of artists operating in the NFT space.

The innovation

Art Innovation goes beyond the concept of physical location that normally unites other galleries, being in fact the first art gallery that exhibits NFTs in an itinerant way, enabling Artists to be directly in contact with their public, unifying both perspectives of this innovation, a physical and virtual experience.

Investments in our artists

Collectors will be facilitated in their investment choices thanks to the selection of artists who carry out Art Innovation’s goals according to fundamental criteria such as market solidity, innovation and growth prospects.