Art Innovation Gallery

Digital Art Gallery that hosts Creative Coding, Generative Art and 1:1 Works on Blockchains, promoting the culture of innovation. Exhibiting NFTs on maxi LED-walls in major cities worldwide

The issue

We are convinced that blockchain is innovation and the inevitable future. Thanks to its characteristics, huge problems can be solved, such as authentication (more than half of the works on the market are false), traceability and transparency of operations; history, provenance and resale rights for artists in the secondary market. The conditions therefore exist for a market based on trust and transparency, which is exactly what blockchain technology offers.

The innovation

Art Innovation is the first Digital Art Gallery that does not have a physical location but, thanks to the vocation of reinventing itself, exhibits the works of artists on an itinerant basis on maxi-LED walls of the world’s major cities during the Art Weeks. We want to propose ourselves as the central hub and gateway to convey traditional collecting in the digital direction. Inspired by Banksy's Street Art, which is satirical and subversive in nature, the murals of social and political criticism are on the streets, walls and bridges of cities all over the world. Banksy displays his art on publicly visible surfaces: it is precisely through this guideline that Art Innovation lays the foundations of a Format that offers artists contact with the DIRECT public. Art Innovation offers a hybrid, physical and virtual experience on the streets of major cities around the world.

Investments in our artists

Collectors will be facilitated in their investment choices thanks to the selection of artists who carry out Art Innovation’s goals according to fundamental criteria such as market solidity, innovation and growth prospects. It is very important to differentiate the artists who work seriously from those who merely want to speculate: thanks to our selection, we offer works based on well-defined analytical criteria.